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BOGE slashes costs at Armitage Shanks factory

A new state-of-the-art BOGE compressed air system has replaced two ageing fixed speed air compressors.

Tuesday 3rd May 2016

A new state-of-the-art BOGE compressed air system has replaced two ageing fixed speed air compressors used to manufacture basins, toilets and other sanitary ware at Armitage Shanks’ factory in Rugeley, Staffordshire.

The result has been a 27% reduction in energy costs and an impressive 29% cut in maintenance costs, as well as carbon emission savings of around £3,500 a year.

John Nash of BOGE Platinum Partner Aroplus (UK), part of the D P Group of companies, said: “We were able to data-log the existing compressors and therefore recommend the optimum compressor package for Armitage Shanks’ needs.”

Because of the data-logging exercise, Aroplus recommended that Armitage Shanks – the only remaining major sanitary ware manufacturer in the UK – install a system comprising BOGE SLF 271-3 200kW frequency-controlled air compressor, a BOGE S220-3 160kW fixed speed air compressor, and the BOGE Airtelligence control system.

The BOGE SLF 271-3 is a direct-coupled, oil-lubricated screw compressor with frequency control offering high air delivery and outstanding energy efficiency. It can also incorporate heat recovery for further energy savings.

The compressor features a multi-functional suction regulator, which closes hermetically, preventing oil vapours from escaping. A fully unloaded start boosts energy savings and, in the event of a fault, the regulator automatically closes, ensuring intrinsically safe operational reliability.

The unique BOGE air ends allow high free air delivery with a low power requirement, ensuring a reliable and efficient compressed air supply. The BOGE Focus 2.0 control, with RFID card entry, effective oil separation and long-life component parts guarantee optimum energy consumption and cost-effectiveness.

BOGE Airtelligence manages the compressed air system to ensure the best possible operating efficiency, monitoring the entire range of compressor functions both locally and remotely to assure profitable and effective production output.

The Airtelligence controls every compressor in a multi-compressor system by selecting the ideal compressor or multiples of compressors to match the system demand based on air consumption. Moreover, Airtelligence intelligently forecasts additional or reduced demand and automatically switches priorities to optimise the combination of compressors running at any one time.

John Nash added: “Armitage Shanks installed extra manufacturing plant just before it installed the new BOGE compressed air system so its previous consumption of about 34 m3/min of air rose to around 44 m3/min. However, even so, we were still able to demonstrate significant savings following the installation of the BOGE compressed air equipment.”

Commenting on the new compressor installation, David Freeman, Engineering Manager at Armitage Shanks, said: “The new BOGE compressor system has delivered a significant saving to the business. We’ve been working with the Aroplus and Diaphragm Pumps team for many years and they have delivered the same high quality service and support as always.”

Armitage Shanks’ Rugeley factory originally opened in 1817 and now employs 500 people. It produces more than 1,500 toilets a day, along with other bathroom ceramics, such as basins and bidets.