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Case Studies

Not for the squeamish

A Poultry plant wished to improve the way it sent waste around the factory

Friday 21st February 2020

A large Poultry Plant which processes 12,000 chickens per hour needed an upgrade on its traditional method of sending chicken heads to waste. Historically the heads were crushed in water and pumped away but the machinery was problematic and often failing. DIaphragm Pumps were asked for a solution to the problem. The customer currently uses AODD Pumps to transfer blood, feathers and other biproducts of the process. So we suggested a 3″ Ported Murzan pump with oversize flaps allowing a throughput of solids up to 3″ diameter.

It was a bold suggestion and quite understandably the client wanted to see the pump in action prior to adopting it as the solution. Sometimes pump trials are not done in the sunshine in perfect conditions. This trial involved us being under the de-feathering machine, where we were constantly being rained on by water, feathers and a few other undescribable items.

The pump worked so well, it will now be utilised as a single pump to transfer ALL the waste from the process to a safe disposal point and keep the slaughter house a much cleaner place to be.