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Offshore Protection

When a remote location requires maintenance free filtration

Tuesday 26th April 2016


Altus Intervention are well intervention specialists in the North Sea. They provide wireline, tractor and logging, coiled tubing and pumping as well as pipeline and process services.
Many different pieces of equipment used offshore are powered by compressed air, which eliminates the risks involved with electrically driven equipment in potentially flammable environments. One downside of using compressed air is the high volumes of water vapour entrained in the air, this condenses in the air line between the compressor and the equipment causing considerable damage to this equipment. Conventional filters have been traditionally used, but these will clog and become unusable incurring large costs in replacements and the delivery of them to the point of use.

Dropout’s unique design means there are no wear parts, no consumables, no power requirements and therefore no maintenance. Making it the ideal filter for remote and hazardous environments.

Allan Littlejohn, Maintenance Manager at Altus Intervention, Portlethen remarked “After a demonstration of one of the single units, we trialled a modular unit with impressive results”

For Altus Intervention, clean dry air was critical to the operation of a 60ft Wireline Mast and the first order was recently placed for a 565 cfm unit for the North Sea and a 2nd unit is in production for use in Africa. Richard Buddin MD of Aroplus in Dyce who supplied the unit commented “We were keen to work with a forward thinking company like Altus Intervention to develop this product for offshore use, and with the continued support of Dropout Technology Ltd, we hope to develop more variations for the many pieces of Air Driven Equipment used in the Oil & Gas Industry”