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Drop in a Dropout

David Bryant of Rutland Minis was among the first to adopt Dropout: “We’ve been restoring and selling classic Minis for over thirty years"

Tuesday 15th March 2016


In spray paint environments water, oil and particulates in the compressed air supply can be an expensive and time-consuming problem. But now Dropout® provides a new, patented, technologically advanced, low cost, maintenance-free solution with guaranteed results.
Unlike traditional filters the super efficient oil, water and particulate remover has no cartridge to clog, requires no costly servicing or the ongoing expense of consumable filter replacements.

The problem of moisture and particulates in the air supply is well known and manifests itself as fisheyes in the paint finish. When present the usual remedy for fisheyes, also known as saucers, pits of craters, is to start again by rubbing down and refinishing the area.
However, Dropout now guarantees to remove 99.9999% of liquid and 99% of particulates down to one micron. The payback of the simple to fit unit, is said to be less than the price of just one body shop rework.

David Bryant of Rutland Minis was among the first to adopt Dropout: “We’ve been restoring and selling classic Minis for over thirty years. Prior to the trial we had to rework as many as one third of our spray jobs to achieve the best standard of finish. Since replacing our traditional filters with Dropout we have not had a single issue.”
Dropout reacts instantly to air flow, which makes it perfect for the stop-start action of hand spraying, by delivering clean dry air at a constant flow and pressure. Unlike cyclonic filters, another common alternative, which rely on a constant and stable air flow to perform properly.

Users of Dropout also report a marked improvement in the quality of the air that is fed to their face mask. This is particularly beneficial in reducing the hazards of low end systems where oil and grease can be suspended in the air feed.

Richard Buddin, MD of Diaphragm Pumps Ltd which distributes Dropout says: “When fitted at the point of use Dropout has shown itself to be able to eliminate the routine need and cost of traditional filters. Additionally the guaranteed, constant supply of clean, dry air will significantly extend the life of spray guns and body shop air tools as rust and wear from particulates becomes a thing of the past.”

“Dropout is also sealed for life and with an auto drain-off does not rely on daily system drainage– so taking out the dependency on manual intervention.”

David Bryant concludes: “It’s a fantastic product that year-on-year will save us a huge amount of time and money.”

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