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  • Sanitary

    Compressor House

    The compressor house is the engine to most businesses and ensuring a constant quality supply of compressed air is essential to the function of your factory. With top quality compressors, driers and patented...
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  • Oil

    Oil and Gas

    The Offshore Oil & Gas and Marine industries demand heavy duty, reliable equipment including Pumps, Compressors, Jet Washers & Air Starters. To name but a few. As stockists of the best brands of...
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  • Automotive


    Whether the local garage or manufacturing plant, the Automotive industry demands equipment that will withstand the the toughest of applications. From quality Air tools, pumps, hose reels and compressors...
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  • Sanitary 2


    The needs of the sanitary food and pharmaceutical industries require specialist equipment, many with levels of certification way above the norm. We offer equipment that conforms to FDA, 3A, USDA &...
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